April Update: Spring Cleanup, New Website, and Scavenger Hunt Event

April Update: Spring Cleanup, New Website, and Scavenger Hunt Event


Neighbourhood Spring Cleanup Week
April 12-16
Unfortunately due to the stay at home order our clean up day of April 10 has been canceled.
HOWEVER as this is the time for adapting we have come up with a great way to still go ahead!! Join us as we clean up our neighbourhood.
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[Volunteers Needed!!!]
Community Scavenger Hunt

Date TBA
We are planning a community scavenger hunt where people seek out landmarks within our community. We’re looking for volunteer households to place some form of landmark (such as a small cement statue) in their front yard. COVID safety and respect for your front yard will absolutely be respected. Please contact us if you are interested. 
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Help us out!!
Want to get involved with the neighbourhood association? Can you volunteer in one way or another? Here are some opportunities.

Flyering Team

Thank you to those who have previously reached out to us expressing interest in helping us run flyers through the community from time to time!

We are still open to receiving potential volunteers to help us in this effort. As a new neighbourhood association, one of our challenges is simply getting the word out about events and other matters. Occasionally we will run flyers through the community. If you could help with that, it would be greatly appreciated.

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