Fundraising Update from the Greenbrier School parent council

Fundraising Update from the Greenbrier School parent council

The following is an update from our fundraising partner, Greenbrier Public School:

Our coffee fundraiser with Altitude Coffee raised $99!!Our calendar raffle as been an amazing success raising just over $1800!!


Our first goal is to reach $10 000. Once we collect this amount, we are able to apply for a matching grant from the school board. This will make our total $20 000 in just under 2 years of fundraising!!With the combined fundraising amounts from the GNA and ours, currently we are only $2250 away from this $10 000 goal.


The Harvey’s nights can bring in a really great amount of funds if we can continue to get people out. Our numbers in the past have been from $200-$400. Please contact your friends and family to get them out to Harvey’s on Henry on the last Wednesday of each month and say their order is for Greenbrier to keep our numbers as high as possible.

Because of the success of the Calendar Raffle we are planning another in April or May. If you know any small businesses that would like to help and donate a prize please ask and send them our way!! And please buy tickets when the time comes!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! Let’s keep working together towards our goal for this new playground!!


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