Welcome to the GNA

Welcome to the GNA

Greetings, Supporters!

We are just starting to get organized, so we appreciate your patience and support as we get ourselves up to speed.

A little background…

Many of us were shocked at the sudden removal of our community playground last April. For most of us this wasn’t just about a place for kids to play… it was a major connection point for our community. A few of us gathered together in an effort to build more than just a new playground, but a community that cares for one another. It’s a lofty goal, to be sure, but with help from supporters like yourselves we’re confident we’ll get there.

What can I do right now?

The first practical thing you can do is support our first social event: the Dessert Social on Sat, June 22 at 6:00. It is our first event as a neighbourhood association to start building connections within our community and getting the word out about our playground project. We hope you might help us promote the event to your neighbours and even consider coming yourselves. You can do this by selecting “Interested” on the Facebook event. We would also appreciate any help setting up or taking down for this event if you’re able to lend a hand. Please contact us (volunteers [at] greenbriercommunity [dot] ca) if you’re interested in helping.

You can also “Like” the neighbourhood association’s Facebook page as well to build our audience and stay in the know that way. The GNA’s executive council bios have already been posted if you want to get an idea of who is leading this effort.

What is next?

As mentioned before, we’re still getting organized, so there will certainly be more to come. We hope to provide a wide variety of ways to support the neighbourhood assocaition and our playground project, whether that means just helping us communicate to our neighbours, or offering practical help. Stay tuned!

We’re also working on a website. It’s currently in development but it will eventually be live at http://greenbriercommunity.ca.

Want more info?

Drop us a line! We’d be happy to chat with you about anything related to the Greenbrier Neighbourhood Association or the playground project. Here are a couple email addresses:

General inquiries: info [at] greenbriercommunity [dot] ca
Support squad & volunteering inquiries: volunteers [at] greenbriercommunity [dot] ca

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