We welcome you to share your voice!

We welcome you to share your voice!

Current News

GNA Meetings

Last Monday of the Month @ 8:00 PM With the summer behind us we are now looking to start ramping up our activities. We wanted to send out a quick invitation for anyone that wanted to join our monthly meetings. Joining meetings will allow you to contribute your voice to the wellbeing of our neighborhood. Contact us so we can let you know where/when the meetings are happening.
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Help us out

Rink Flooder Team

We are crossing our fingers that this winter we will be able to bring our Greenbrier Park rink back. Last winter we could not have it due to COVID-19. If you want to be part of the team to help us maintain the ice, please sign up to volunteer.
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Ideas? Suggestions? Questions?

COVID-19 really put a damper on our previous plans, but we’re always here to receive your ideas, suggestions, and questions. Drop us a line at info [at] greenbriercommunity [dot] ca or through our Facebook page.

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