GNA Update: October 2019

GNA Update: October 2019

Help us bring back the ice rink!

Remember that ice rink that used to come to the park every winter? Where did that go? Outdoor park ice rinks are a thing in Brantford, and they are the responsibility of the respective neighbourhood associations around the city. They are community run, which means we need volunteers!

So far, a few people have already indicated to us that they are interested in helping maintain the ice rink. We could really use more so that we can schedule someone every day of the week in a weekly rotation. The responsibility is not too difficult, but it does require weekly commitment. You will be trained in what you need to do, but it basically involves flooding the rink.

Even if you are curious about what is involved and are not yet ready to commit, please contact us or come to our general meeting next week, October 30 at Greenbrier Public School. Also, please talk this up with your neighbours and send them our way if they seem interested.


Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Yes… meetings. Love them or hate them, they get stuff done. We’re having a general meeting next week, Wednesday, October 30 at 7:00 PM at the Greenbrier Public School. Anyone interested in helping the neighbourhood association or wanting more information about our activities should feel free to come! We’re fun people… we swear.

Christmas Sign-Making Event

On Saturday, November 23 from 7:30-9:30pm you are invited to a Christmas sign-making class at the Branlyn Community Center in support of the Greenbrier Park playground rebuild. Check out the Facebook Event for more information, and click here to sign up.

Playground Update

So, like… what’s going on with the playground? Is anything happening?

Glad You Asked!!

As many are aware, one of our main projects is to bring back the Greenbrier Park playground, which was removed in April of this year. We are partnering with the Greenbrier Public School (who owns the land) to fundraise toward their $50,000 goal. So far we have helped Greenbrier Parent Council raise $1,400 toward their goal. Certainly, we have a ways to go, which is why we have plans developing to seek larger donation amounts. We’re still in the early stages, so please be patient, and we’ll provide more information as we receive it.

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